Floral Jewels Handmade by Nelly

Floral Jewels Handmade by Nelly

We create beautiful and unique natural looking resin jewelry with pressed flowers

made with real dry flowers, resin, pigments and Love!
Each piece of handmade artisan jewelry is an original design and is a tribute to the
beautiful things nature offers us!
Art to wear!

Floral Jewels emerged from Nelly’s love for flowers

and in attempt to preserve their beauty, gifting them with afterlife.
Each flower has special meaning in our life; bougainvillea – protection, rose – romantic love, daisy – innocence and purity etc.

Nelly’s flowers in resin are beautiful moments, memories, dreams and love sealed in a timeless shell.
The flowers are picked from the beautiful fields and gardens of South Africa and the majestic Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria.

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