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Real snowdrop in resin, pendant handmade by Nelly


Real snowdrop in resin, handmade by Nelly.

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Snowdrop, Кокиче

Snowdrop, Кокиче

Real snowdrop in resin, pendant handmade by Nelly.

According to legend, Eve was distraught after God cast her out of the Garden of Eden. God sent forth continuous snow and the earth was cold and barren. As Eve sat weeping, an angel appeared to comfort her. The angel caught a snowflake and breathed upon it. The snowflake fluttered to the earth and gave birth to the snowdrop. 

Snowdrop flowers hold deep meaning. Usually, as a spring flower it is seen as a symbol of rebirth and the ability to overcome challenges in life. It can serve as a delicate reminder that we can all do great things in life – if only we set our minds to it. There is nothing that can make you fail if you have the drive to succeed!

However this flower can also show sympathy for somebody who is struggling. It can serve as a symbol of hope and innocence, too. The flower is typically found in a white color, so it makes sense that it would have this classic connotation.

Traditionally, white has been seen as a symbol of innocence, purity, and rebirth. White can also be associated with spirituality, so it makes sense that this flower would have some spiritual undertones, too.

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